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March something, its a Thursday; I know that much.

Feeling tired but then the world is tired, mother earth is exacting her lesson, some might call it her revenge.

I read the entry in this blog about realizing I would die at age 8 and now, at 65, a virus is making us all think of death, not because most of us will die, but because this thing has changed our lives so rapidly, making us realize that nature is really in control. Never us.

Even those who have money to last for a while are scared because it is worth so much less. The indefiniteness of everything right now seems impossible. And yet it is just that.

This would be worse if it were a virus that killed everyone it infected I suppose. There would be much more fear and hysteria. College kids are still huddling on spring break, ignorant of the impact that might have on others, even if they stay well, which they might not.

When I wrote here about fighting wind turbines a few years ago it was so futile and yet so necessary. Now science is telling us it is exactly this deforestation, this disruption of the gifts of nature in exchange for our human greed, our overconsumption, that is causing this.

I have no profound insights or words here, just a need to say something. The layers of this are way too deep to even truly touch upon.

And so we sit, waiting for the return to what we consider normalcy, rushing, pushing, getting ahead to where and for what? For now we can do none of that.

I wait, as well do, to see.


March 2020

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