During Sandy I was in NYC at our apartment in Little Italy, where I have lived since 1988 and in this apartment since 1990 when not in Maine.

It has seen many NY memories and moments. This is my poem written after Kent left to check on Sewall House and a day before we got back


Hurricane Sandy Observations of a Ghost Town

Doomsday he said half jokingly

Depart with me

Sirens the only sound

Occasional voices in the dark

Where you dare not venture

Quieter and quieter as the days past

During daylight

Free Food from Fancy Stores

The $10.99 green juice  FREE

Avocado and figs             FREE

Buttery croissants from Gitane   FREE

The blind kitty climbs in the windowsill

Let the cool air in

She pleas

Walking 5 miles a day

to see activity

+ power

in the same city

Returning to your ghost town

Dark at night

Like the country sky

Quieter than the country

No crickets

No sound

Little Life

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