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For years now I have spoken about ” writing a book” , have purchased books on writing and on publishing books, even had the courage to take a spiritual memoir class this Spring. With childlike trepidation I read the first two pages to the class, who responded with at least curiosity. ¬†The teacher said he would read 10 pages if anyone wanted him to. I jumped on the opportunity, giving him the part about leaving my first marriage to escape in to my own (selfish?) search in Europe etc etc etc blah blah blah, which is pretty much what he thought of it- “nothing there”. Ouch, I (it) might not be as interesting as I thought! These day so many people in yoga have had these “journeys”( ie The Poser- Eat, Pray . Love, neither of which I can judge because I have not read them but they ARE best sellers) . Is mine really all that interesting?

My nephew wrote me a note when I was 40, thanking me for attending his wedding, ¬†writing (and he writes spectacularly) that I looked like the main character from some Argentinian novel whose life resembles Angela’s Ashes; I was touched by his insightful observation. It sounds so dramatic but it is relatively true. I have had an adventurous and varied life, as someone said to me recently, deliberate. A story like mine seems it should have a different outcome. We could call first you don’t succeed (wow it took me ten tries to type that word, is it Freudian or WHAT?)..or we could call it, well, I cannot tell that story here.

Life nectar is now my personal blog, not my yoga teacher blog, not the Sewall House blog(that you can find now in our menu) so from time to time I will muse on life or little stories.

An agent in NYC that my friend Paul kindly referred me to (much more useful than a cold call) said my idea had merit – in the rejection e-mail an assistant took the time to write. I think that was actually encouraging, though I did not take it that way at the time.

My 96 year old father says he wants to complete his memoirs; I wonder if either of us will.


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