Many of our guests have read, glimpsed or purchased the Andrew Vietze book “Becoming Teddy Roosevelt” this season. Andrew won an independent publishing award for his writing on  How a Maine Guide Inspired America’s 26th President”. We never know who will come into our lives when and how we might inspire each other, not based on education, wealth, accomplishments or prestige but by true friendship. Guest Susan Hopp returned after an August stay, vowing to do Mt Katahdin. I joined her yesterday. When we got near the summit and lost the sun, but found wind and immersion in the clouds, I would have gladly, like other hikers that day told us they chose to do before descent, skipped the bit of snow and ice that were near the summit. But Ms Hopp made me go to the top- not by urging or bossing or bullying, but by example and enthusiasm. She was here all the way from San Francisco and bound to do the whole mountain, the one the Natives had called Great One, Ktaadan (it was spelled something like that). We were awestruck by the breath-taking views and reminisced about TR climbing without proper shoes. The story goes he lost a shoe so climbed the mountain (with my great grandfather Bill Sewall) in mocassins. We could hardly imagine it. At one point on the way down, maneuvering the boulders on the “easiest” trail, I simply lay down and started cracking up, as I looked up at Susan who exclaimed ” this is insane!” which made me laugh even harder. The beginning, which had seemed so comparatively easy, became gruelingly long, even though we were well past the boulders. Eventually we found our way back to the car and Cheryl, who had made it the first two hours of the hike and spent the rest of the day greeting hikers and looking for wildlife. We imagined Thoreau up there, not going to the summit, because he called it barren and only a space for God to occupy. And barren the summit had been, we lost the trees and slipped into what felt like another planet before going back down to the treeline. All in all an amazing day and all I can say..Is thank you Susan Hoppp for making me go to the top!!


And thank all of our great guests for making this another memorable season. We are now open ALL YEAR ROUND but do need advance notice to arrange happily for your retreats from NOV to APRIL.

We love introducing yoga lifestyle to curious newcomers, making yoga accessible at any and all levels, with the feeling of family and acceptance, no matter your age, size, experience or health issues. One guest, Denise, suggested we have a week for ” fat” people. A great idea! And we would love to get Cheryl back here to offer spiritual warrior women’s self defense, a passion of hers. I must also say that the standing yoga practices I have pursued since 1999- Astanga, Iyengar, Vinyasa, Dharmayoga (after doing only Kundalini since 1985) made my legs feel great today after the climb- when I did it in 1999 I remember them hurting for days! 

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