Part of being here is learning about, enjoying, embracing nature and so today when a neighbor said he “had gotten rid of that woodchuck” I said nothing and hoped and prayed it was not OUR woodchuck, who plays with our cats and entertains our guests who see him/her chewing on grass outside the yoga studio, who sticks its head out to greet me in the morning ( at least that is how I interpret it when I am up before anyone else). Then we also had these sweet chirping chimney sweeps birds, who are endangered and leave in the cool weather..but we didn’t know. So we ran a fire and then I get a response from a website that says that may have killed them and I felt terrible, just awful, hoping and praying that they too are still we see the fragility of life and try our best to honor it. Meantime here are some fabulous photos from our most recent guests, grateful for each and every one of their presence here.

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