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Darlene swims pre-yoga!

A Darlene dip in the lake pre-yoga..

Today is the first day of summer, happy solstice! Seeing clips of the Solstice in New Mexico on the Facebook (thanks Spirit Voyage!) brings back many fond memories and hopes to be there again..Maine is pretty spectacular am sharing a few more photos as our season progresses along..enjoying meeting new friends and seeing some “old”…YOGI BHAJAN QUOTE FOR THIS DAY- “Body is the shell experience. Mind is the perpetual experience. Soul is the real experience.” Whatever your experience, may you enjoy this day of light. Thoughts to you from Sewall House Yoga Retreat in Island Falls, Maine.

Yoga Pose at Loon Ledge (Amrita Donna)

Donna (Amrita) strikes a pose at Loon Ledge two days ago