What we can offer you at Sewall House Yoga retreat is a safe space to grow with personalized practice that addresses you as an individual, which we all are! This lovely guest truly progressed in many ways, getting in lots of good hikes, healing fresh air, saunas, healthy food, rest and, of course, commitment to improving her relationship with her body, mind and breath!

and here is what she wrote us after her stay (sometimes it sinks in when you get home and see the contrast!)

“I have to tell you that I have simply been raving to everyone about the retreat. My family and friends said they could actually see the difference..I woke up and kept Donna with me through the DVD this morning, great recommendation, thank you! A most memorable and rejuvenating experience. I am already looking forward to coming back..oh, and my dad loved the PB and J sandwich raving about the bread and Kent, the peanut butter!