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Amrita Teaching In Long Island

With the advent of Spring in the air, though they say it will get cooler this weekend, the blooms on the trees, we had an auspicious new moon in Aries today. What I got from the few links sent to me on this is that we might expect big change.

When Mercury is retrograde people often fret that communications and travel will not go smoothly yet it also a great time to go back and review your life, go inside, be inner and also to revisit friends from the past. I did that today and it took me back to when life was different for me. Sometimes we forget the chapters and how they felt! I met a friend I had not seen in 15 years and to hear where his life has taken him was so inspiring, truly from darkness to light. We knew each other in the  theater acting world but he also knew people that were linked to friends in my modeling world before that, when I lived in Europe for 3 years. It was all truly six degrees of separation.

He then proceeded to call a friend who had been housing me in NY (cause he was the then boyfriend of a dear girl I met in Europe) when I was just back from Europe and turning 30! I had totally forgotten, but seeing him brought it back to me, that I had had my small 30th birthday party in his apartment. This event would lead me to my next phase of life, living in New York City, where I would then discover and begin to teach Kundalini Yoga. Wow! And I remember being so sad that I was “old” and turning 30. How foolishly we think sometimes in our youth..if only we knew; hopefully some wisdom comes with age. The friend I met with is now 65 and I am many, old! Not to all.. I had a bigger party for my 50th. It all still remains a mystery.

I just wanted to share that idea with you. As a UNH grad I get a daily e-letter and saw that a Vietnam Vet who counsels our soldiers is giving a talk on that. He works in Manchester, NH. It is so brave and beautiful to approach this complex syndrome from this place as well. Yoga is a great way to tackle those haunting spiritual wounds. I hope more of us yoga teachers have opportunities to work with populations such as this.


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