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this is simply remarkable and proof of the power of love and confidence!

Lucy and Shanti relaxing at the retreat

Sewall House mascots sleeping by the fire together

Do not judge who is right or wrong. Do not judge what side you belong to. Just pray for humanity to be peaceful into the peace so that the innocent may not die for nothing.  Yogi Bhajan calendar 2010, January 15.

Amrita and Annie the cat

Amrita and Annie the saved cat

I wake up early to a free I jump on the mat and start with sun salutes, do I do a Kundalini Yoga set or skip the set and chant the hour long sadhana chants ( I really like this choice) or do I turn on the fabulous YOGA NIDRA cd that a student loaned me and that I have on my i-pod but have never been able to find anywhere else and allow myself 45 minutes of Yoga Sleep to her melodious Indian accent? I read about yogis who need little sleep and after 25 years of practice am I to feel guilty that I LIKE my 6-8 hours of sleep and seem happier and healthier and more clear that way? Does that make me a bad yogi? These are the questions that go through my mind on this Saturday morning.

Sewall House in Winter

Cozy Winter Wonderland is Sewall House!


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