The sky was so amazingly clear and beautiful with the almost full moon last night here in Island Falls, Maine. The town is SO quiet in the winter with the snow like a sound blanket somehow in our tiny village. The house is cozy and the yoga studio upgraded with new track lighting and other features that make it truly a year round retreat as we ready ourselves for our Presidents Day week second leg of the Teacher Training and Winter Retreat. We open again for our full schedule in May but will be here Feb 13-21 and open and then St Thomas March 11-16. Wishing all a happy new year, filled with yoga, nature and appreciation! SAT NAM! (and Namaste)  Donna, Kent and the cats!

ps for really good yoga books, even if you don’t do Ashtanga, we highly recommend Gregor Maehle’s books, especially good for serious yoga seekers! Chock full of help with understanding the poses and reason for doing yoga.

Maine Beauty in Winter

Winter Wonderland and our Big Blue Spruce!!

Living Room in Winter

The stove that was added last January to make it all the more cozy!