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I really liked this blog entry..I have written about the idea of ahimsa to ourselves in yoga practice in articles in the past for Inner Tapestry but like his take on it …from speaking to someone who was doing Ashtanga way back!!

Found this interesting link to a documentary on Film Baby. What do you think? No one knows about his life from 12-20, or is it 30? And Yogi Bhajan told us Jesus was a yogi. That doesn’t really mess up Christianity because I don’t think he was on a mission to be famous or create a religion! The striving for being famous is it not a thing more prevalent in this day and age? To be remembered, to leave a legacy of something, can be part of that, but it may have NOTHING to do with being famous, your legacy,,or mine. What do you think?

Title: Seek and Ye Shall Find


Italy was as usual beautiful

lunch on one of our hikes

Spannochia, our home for a week, wonderful

Roland giving us the Intro Tour

Oh dear Randall, I wrote Roland

Tuscan cats!

And last, but not least, two of several beauties I caught on camera! Tuscan cats are mellow!

and am so computer challenged I cannot correct it! So sorry as you work tirelessly with Francesca and the others to make Spannocchia the amazing place it is, though hard to spell! The olive oil tasting, the history and beauty of Tuscany and the beauty of the lands, people and animals will be well remembered.

Tuscan pigs

Tuscan pigs we love!




Each walk beautiful in intes own uniqueness

Another beautiful Tuscan walk





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