As the world mourns the tragic death of Natasha Richardson, Spring arrives. I saw her in a little known movie where Ralph Fiennes plays a blind man and she was wonderful, he was too as always.  Her mother had a small part in it and is always amazing. The day after Kent and I watched it ( SAG had sent it to me for review) I saw Ralph at Eddies’, where I practice yoga; I had just seen him in the film the night before. The film didn’t garner much attention, it was  Merchant Ivory film I believe, but in our own way we ARE all connected and seeing him there that very next day made me realize this once again. Our hearts go out to these people whose lives of fame seem so distant from ours. And yet they aren’t really when it comes down to what matters. My mother died in April and I remembered thinking, how could you? You loved spring most, calling me to come out and see the little white flowers push through the ground (I forget their name now, how awful). But when nature or fate calls we have no control over the answer.