Amarpreet has sent you a message on Aquarian Pilgrims

Start your day with Grace.  Dress with Grace.  Eat with Grace.  Move with Grace.  Prepare for the day ahead by creating an intention of Grace in every action you take.

Spend your day in Grace.  Speak with an attitude of Grace, holding a vision of the highest outcome in your interactions with the people you contact. Before you eat lunch, take a moment of silence, a moment of reverence and Grace.  See that Grace infusing your food, the area around you, your work space, your activities.  You are not here to get things done.  You are here to grow in Love and Grace.  Hold this Grace in your awareness throughout the day, and return to it again and again in your thoughts. 

End your day with Grace.  Enter your home with an open heart, allowing Grace to flow through you and into your family life.  Before you rest the body, take five minutes to simply focus on the Grace that is unfolding in your life right now and all in your life there is to be grateful for.  This will prepare you to sleep in that Grace of the Divine.

~Sai Maa, excerpt from Humanity in Unity Empowerment Newsletter, 3/15/09.