How Does Barack Obama Make Decisions?

  Barack Obama

There are several areas of the face where you can see how someone makes decisions. If you’re being impacted by their decisions, this can be good to know! 

Face reading is based on the same foundation as Chinese medicine, and provides profound information on many levels about who you are inside, how you will tend to think, feel, behave, and how you move through life overall. So the information below is just one small glimpse into what Barack Obama’s decision-making process is!

• Obama’s eyebrows go in a straight line. This reveals that he carefully evaluates any decision and is not impulsive. He values logic and has a good linear thinking process. Once he’s satisfied that he’s thought something through, then he’ll feel confident about his decision and take quick action. (Michelle’s eyebrows reveal a very different style – she reacts much more quickly and spontaneously, which probably helps him not get stuck in a rut!)

• His ears stick out, the sign of a highly independent person! This is a positive trait for a leader, an indication he thinks for himself. It may drive the people who hope to control him crazy, however.

• His hairline is straight, rather than curved or uneven, which means he can be a bit of a rule breaker – and a paradigm-shifter. This combined with his ears show that we can expect him to continue to be creative and a bit rebellious in his decision making process.

• Lastly, his jaw is well-defined but somewhat narrow, an indication that while he has firm beliefs, he is definitely open to listening to others. If they can convince him their point is correct, he’s willing to change his mind. I believe these are all positive qualities for a leader to have!