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we plan to clear this up so people can really enjoy the space!!

we plan to clear this up so people can really enjoy the space!!


     What if, in 1845, an adventuresome pioneer family landed in a beautiful unsettled location by a small island and a small falls in Maine, settling in time for the pregnant wife to deliver her youngest child 20 years after her first child? Then, as the little boy grew up among this rich nature and played with the only other children around, Native Americans,  learning and creating a legacy that, who knew, would affect his great grand-daughter one hundred and fifty two years later?


     None of us know what our future holds nor did his great-grand daughter, who became affected by the family history when her own mother wrote a self-published book on the life of Mary Sewall, his wife and her great grandmother, that she would use to create a one woman show entitled IN THIS OUR HOME. Nor did she realize as she developed the story and presented it to the public only twice, that her life would be turned around by a chain of events relating back to William Sewall’s arrival in Island Falls and the home he would complete in 1870 for his parents, who would live to enjoy it only a short time, but then the home would not only be his home but home to anyone passing by who needed a place to rest their weary bones and head. In time his youngest daughter Nancy would return to this home to make sure it was kept in the family, as it was with love and respect. The gardens flourished and rooms were kept up, the home was large and exceptionally lovely and well planned from its inception, well built on granite and. As her great grandfather had told his youngest Nancy, “This House is Built on Honor”.


     Back to the great grand-daughter, who took her own route from her birth in 1955, that took her from her New England roots to California and then on the live in Europe and travel to South America and explore, in her own modern version of pioneering, never really laying roots. Then occurred the chain of events, first being led to Kundalini Yoga in 1985, an experience that so radically affected her life she felt, internally at least, that she was “Coming Home” and that perhaps led her to pursue her exploration into the depths of her great grandmother’s female legacy, writing pages of dialogue between her and her great grandmother, imagined as they might be, to try to understand herself as a woman in these modern times from the wisdom she wanted to hear from a woman she never knew. The work was titled “ In This Our Home”. Read the rest of this entry »

This is from a Business Newsletter  (Early To Rise) I Get every Morning via e-mail, a short article on the VAGUS! I did a whole workshop on it recently!!


The effect of stress takes a nasty toll on your life. But it doesn’t just damage your psyche. It harms your body too.

Stress increases dangerous inflammatory factors called cytokines… damages the hippocampus, causing memory loss and mood disorders… reduces the brain’s ability to repair itself… increases abdominal fat… interferes with thyroid function… and even increases the stickiness of the blood (which can lead to dangerous clots).

But there’s something very simple you can do to help alleviate the effects of stress. Stimulate your vagus nerve.

The vagus nerve controls the relaxation response through the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. And this anti-stress machine can be turned on in a matter of minutes.

Here is the exercise.

Take a deep breath into your belly to the count of five. Pause. Breathe out slowly to the count of five. Keep your belly soft. Repeat 5 times.

With this simple and effective exercise, you instantly reduce your levels of cortisol and help your body get back to a peaceful state of balance.

In addition to a few minutes a day of soft-belly breathing, you can bolster your body’s defenses against stress by engaging in regular vigorous exercise, eating a clean diet of healing foods, and enjoying fresh air and sunlight.

As the world mourns the tragic death of Natasha Richardson, Spring arrives. I saw her in a little known movie where Ralph Fiennes plays a blind man and she was wonderful, he was too as always.  Her mother had a small part in it and is always amazing. The day after Kent and I watched it ( SAG had sent it to me for review) I saw Ralph at Eddies’, where I practice yoga; I had just seen him in the film the night before. The film didn’t garner much attention, it was  Merchant Ivory film I believe, but in our own way we ARE all connected and seeing him there that very next day made me realize this once again. Our hearts go out to these people whose lives of fame seem so distant from ours. And yet they aren’t really when it comes down to what matters. My mother died in April and I remembered thinking, how could you? You loved spring most, calling me to come out and see the little white flowers push through the ground (I forget their name now, how awful). But when nature or fate calls we have no control over the answer.

” No man should go through life without experiencing healthy, even bored solitude in the wilderness, finding himself depending solely on himself and thereby learning his true and hidden strength.”

Amarpreet has sent you a message on Aquarian Pilgrims

Start your day with Grace.  Dress with Grace.  Eat with Grace.  Move with Grace.  Prepare for the day ahead by creating an intention of Grace in every action you take.

Spend your day in Grace.  Speak with an attitude of Grace, holding a vision of the highest outcome in your interactions with the people you contact. Before you eat lunch, take a moment of silence, a moment of reverence and Grace.  See that Grace infusing your food, the area around you, your work space, your activities.  You are not here to get things done.  You are here to grow in Love and Grace.  Hold this Grace in your awareness throughout the day, and return to it again and again in your thoughts. 

End your day with Grace.  Enter your home with an open heart, allowing Grace to flow through you and into your family life.  Before you rest the body, take five minutes to simply focus on the Grace that is unfolding in your life right now and all in your life there is to be grateful for.  This will prepare you to sleep in that Grace of the Divine.

~Sai Maa, excerpt from Humanity in Unity Empowerment Newsletter, 3/15/09.

I don’t know as much as Jean Haner  (eyebrows, lines, etc) but one thing we learned in Kundalini Yoga is that if you look at a person’s photo and look at their right and left part of their face it is quite different! The left side of the face is their inner life and the right how they show themselves to the world! Balanced authentic people are even on each! Try it with Mr Obama, it is good news! What you see IS what you get!!


How Does Barack Obama Make Decisions?

  Barack Obama

There are several areas of the face where you can see how someone makes decisions. If you’re being impacted by their decisions, this can be good to know! 

Face reading is based on the same foundation as Chinese medicine, and provides profound information on many levels about who you are inside, how you will tend to think, feel, behave, and how you move through life overall. So the information below is just one small glimpse into what Barack Obama’s decision-making process is!

• Obama’s eyebrows go in a straight line. This reveals that he carefully evaluates any decision and is not impulsive. He values logic and has a good linear thinking process. Once he’s satisfied that he’s thought something through, then he’ll feel confident about his decision and take quick action. (Michelle’s eyebrows reveal a very different style – she reacts much more quickly and spontaneously, which probably helps him not get stuck in a rut!)

• His ears stick out, the sign of a highly independent person! This is a positive trait for a leader, an indication he thinks for himself. It may drive the people who hope to control him crazy, however.

• His hairline is straight, rather than curved or uneven, which means he can be a bit of a rule breaker – and a paradigm-shifter. This combined with his ears show that we can expect him to continue to be creative and a bit rebellious in his decision making process.

• Lastly, his jaw is well-defined but somewhat narrow, an indication that while he has firm beliefs, he is definitely open to listening to others. If they can convince him their point is correct, he’s willing to change his mind. I believe these are all positive qualities for a leader to have!

Today I had the good fortune to be with the teacher trainers at Golden bridge NY City, a lovely sanctuary where I teach Kundalini Yoga. Our voices were joined as I led the early morning chants and the energy was so wonderful!

Started with 11 minutes of breathing rapidly through the mouth, a meditation for the diaphragm muscle! Then headed to my first client, who was off to a business trip in Detroit, as my husband said that must be a ghost town feel these days, then on to the yoga center to have alot of fun with a small group working on the nervous system – some were shakey but they for sure got stronger! then on to teach an Ashtanga half primary series and now off to my evening hatha and last private of the day. That is what I would call being gifted with doing what you love..and in between my dear fellow yogini Stacy made a delicious lunch and we watched an ashtanga DVD and checked out some yoga blogs and you tube yoga, wow so much info out there! No excuses!


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