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At Sewall House we lost our dear mascot Westy in November at age 18. Little blind Lucy had literally walked into our lives after someone dumped her and she has been such an inspiration to us and our guests. Lucy is blind at birth and the sweetest creature on earth. However she seems to have intermittent bouts of irritable bowel syndrome and not to make too much of it but between watching if she slips out a door or develops diarrhea for a few days WE ARE SADLY REALIZING SHE IS NOT A GOOD FIT FOR SEWALL HOUSE. BROKEN HEARTED WE HAVE GONE BACK AND FORTH ABOUT KEEPING HER and have spent the last few days hoping some of the leads my blessed NYC students have given us will lead to the right no kill rescue shelter and new home for the beloved girl we do not feel right sending to cat heaven. Even allergic guests have loved this little lesson of not letting our limitations keep us from our full aliveness and joy. We will keep you posted but meantime please keep her in your prayers, thanks.


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